NON-PROFIT  501 (C) 3  ORGANIZATION
We are proud of our mission to increase community involvement and promote excellent information, connect with guidance counselors, education advisers, like-minded knowledge and understanding, support groups, equal rights programs, pointing them in the right path to assure the right treatment. Knowledge obtained in helping  people in need and breaking the deception/false information we all struggles to identify. We do not have all the answerers or solutions to all the problems that have persisted in our community for years, but our mission is to move the meters and give voice that links us all together as a community. 

James "Butch" Mathews and Jeri Lisby Ball have started a Community Website.
We also have neighborhood members helping out on this adventure and so we hope you will enjoy the site.


A website has been established to be used by Friends, Family and the Community. It is a place where you can upload pictures, texts, your Calendar events and special occasions that your wish "Our Community" to be aware of.                        

Page Contents: 

Community News=Contents of Community projects, programs, and information.

Church directory =  Listing of Community churches

Job Net Working = Listing of job opening

Classmates= Vintage school pictures of classmates

Then and Now= Photographs of pass and present.

Pictures= Unlimited pictures  can be submitted if you 
                do not have room in your Album.

Locating programs/community invovements= Trying to locate information
Riverside Sports= Sports events of pass and present

In The Spotlight=Significant events, such as Silver,Golden Anniversary, Golden Birthdays and/or special occasions. 

Business links= Notify the Community about your Business and/or upload a image of your business card.     
Links= A connection to link to a Website, You Tube or 
           Face Book

News Feeds= Give you daily update of news.

Community Calendar= Give you a full view on the up and coming months
                of events, community projects, organization and holiday events     
Picture Albums   Also, there is going to be a picture album page for you to use as your own album.  We will  only be allotting  30 (thirty) albums. Only (1) one album per-family and making them available to "Our Community Website" and you will then be allotted up to twenty (20) pictures per album.  First come (per family) will be allotted to one of the 30 (thirty) albums.  We will only be using pictures that are displayed in good taste.  No "risky" or "obscene" pictures will be used.


To Activate an album you must send in your first picture to us to get your album started, then you can start uploading your pictures into your album yourself.
Please limit the number to 20 pictures per album layout as requested. This way you can update your photographs in your album at anytime.


****ALL CONTENTS OF "OUR COMMUNITY WEB SITE GUIDELINES" WILL BE STRICKLY MONITORED. If you do not follow these simples rules, we reserve the right to delete without warning**** 


RiversideCom Reunion


On behalf of the Riverside Neighborhood Family Reunion and our members, we would like to thank Food 4 Less for being our sponsors for our 2012 Community Affair.

          A Community Website

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